Where We Were Then, Where We Are Now
(Austria, Germany 2007,
video installation)
Artist: Simon Wachsmuth
Documenta 12, Kassel 2007
What image do we form for ourselves of
the past? How is historiography carried out?
In the installation Where we were then,
where we are now, Simon Wachsmuth questions occidental images of history
which reflect only the European past, but not, for example, the Persian: he juxtaposes the two antiquities in the form of the Apadana frieze from Persepolis and a fresco from Pompeii. He translates the Pompeian picture into a modern language: a white panel with black magnets. The means of depiction
points to stereotypical images of history which are nevertheless valid today.

Production Coordinator
Where We Were Then, Where We Are Now
Cooking History
(Austria/Slovakia/Czech Republic 2009, 88 mins.)
Director: Péter Kerekes
Produced by: Mischief Films

Military cooks: While never mentioned in textbooks, they have shaped the course of history. Based on recollections and personal stories, the film takes a look behind
“great moments in time” and introduces a new angle on 20th century European history.

Research and Unit Manager (Germany)

Cooking History

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